Posted on: February 9, 2011 11:10 pm

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So, I've decided to make another effort at this whole blogging thing. My previous attempt lasted a total of three posts, so no promises. A few topics on the mind tonight. The Super Bowl was this past Sunday, and it left me with several lingering feelings. 
1. Green Bay may be a dynasty in the making if they can keep their core together. They overcame injuries that you can only assume can't happen to them again just by the law of averages. Aaron Rodgers is for real and I am so happy to finally be talking about him without Brett Farve's name attached to him. He deserves that.
2. What is going to happen this off-season with all of the uncertainty with the CBA? I am 27 and really had a very limited interest in the NFL until about 15 years ago. I cannot recall ever wondering if there would be football next season before and the thought of not having football next season is fightening. It will be interesting to see how teams approach the off-season. I suspect free-agency signings will be extremely limited in the immediate future. That also makes the draft a larger focus this year. I think it will be especially important to have a good draft this year for teams if they have key holes to fill. Should be very interesting.
3. Warning: Not a sports related issue - To all potential National Anthem singers... PLEASE do not forget the words!! It is embarrassing to your entire nation to botch the Anthem on a stage like that. To be honest. I missed Christina's mistake because I stopped listening after about the 3rd word. As a secondary note to all potential Anthem singers... LEAVE IT ALONE!! Stop trying to re-write the Star Spangled bannar. FSK did a great job and you can ruin it by trying to put your own personal touch on it.
4. Aside from the actual football game. I felt like the Super Bowl in Jerry's Palace was an epic fail. The whole ticket debacle is just inexcusible. How do you sell tickets to an event and not have the seats? Those people may be getting some sort of reimbusement, but what about the fans from Pittsburgh and Green Bay that were there to see THEIR team. You cannot repay them for that. Aweful. These fans will always have a bitter taste from this experience. Of course there was the above noted issue with the National Anthem. I will not go into that farther. Finally, the halftime show was aweful as well (save for a Slash sighting). The sound was terrible, to the point that Fergie started signing and had no sound at all for about the first 5-6 words she sang. Then, she killed the GNR. More sound issues with the Usher drop in. Maybe the epxectations for the Bowl in the Palace were unfairly high, but they were brought on by Jerry Jones himself by the simple fact of building the monstrosity. The event fell WELL short of expectations, and honestly, it made me a little happy inside.
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