Posted on: August 11, 2011 10:42 pm

Pre-Season game one: Ravens vs. Eagles

Pre-game: I just heard about a rule change that I was not aware of. Apparently all close calls ruled a TD on the field are left up to the replay both rather than a coaches challenge. I like this change. These are the most important calls of the game and it should not be up to a coach to force the issue. The refs should want to get these right. I think this will help the coaches make better use of the challenge flag in other critical situations. 

Kickoff: Not a fan of this rule change. Like the excitement of kickoff returns? Don't expect to see many of them.

1Q 11:53 - Ravens 3-0: Good start for Flacco. Great Catch by Pitta and good read on the dump off to Rice. I like that Cundiff has settled into the Kicker role and hit a 53-yarder to put the Ravens on top.

1Q 7:58 - Eagles 7-3: Bad start for Chris Carr. He looked slow and flat footed on the drive. Vick's mobility was big on the drive. Initial coverage was good for the most part, but broke down after Vick bought some time.

1Q 6:07 - Eagles 7-3: Got the running game going a little on the drive. Koch is going to be important this year since there are going to be a lot of touchbacks on kickoffs. He's one of the best at dropping the punt down inside the 20 and he does it again here. One area where the Ravens to not have questions is in the kicking game. 

End 1Q - Eagles 7-3: I like what I just saw from Kruger. Could he be part of the answer to the pass rush question opposite of Suggs? I am hoping to see a lot from Kruger and Kindle this pre-season. If they can bring the pressure from the opposite side of Suggs, that will help the secondary immensely.

2Q 10:27 - Eagles 10-3: So far I have seen really good penetration by the defense. I have also seen some pretty poor tackling. I think the tackling may just be because this is the first real action of the year and they have not been doing a lot of tackling so far, so I am not going to worry about it too much.

2Q 8:06 - Eagles 10-3: Gotta continue that route Torrey. Left Tyrod out to dry. I still wish there was a way to take INT's away from the QB stats and give it to the WR. I would hang this one on Torrey. It hurts to say that too, considering I've been rooting for Torrey for the past several year with Maryland and I've been rooting against Tyrod with Virginia Tech. He's a Raven now though, so I'm looking forward to see what he can do.

2Q 2:00 - Eagles 10-3: I really hope Jah Reid can step up and become the RT. I do not like Oneil Cousins. Add that False Start to the list of reasons. Note to Fantasy Football Players: See how Tyrod Taylor loves to dump the ball to Pitta? Pay attention to TE's that play on teams with young QB's. The TE is the security blanket for young QBs. In particular, I like Kellen Winslow, Zach Miller, Brandon Pettigrew, Todd Heap, and Greg Olsen as sleeper TEs this year for that reason.

Halftime - Eagles 10 -3: Would have liked to see more offense and some better tackling, but it is early. A few player observations. Kudos: Paul Kruger, Dennis Pitta, Bernard Pollard. Demerits: Chris Carr, Torrey Smith, O-line.

3Q 7:44 - Eagles 13-3: Arthur Jones and Bernard Pollard seem to be the only ones on this defensive unit finishing plays right now. Both making solid tackles. Jones in on the forced fumble with McPhee (even though it was somehow overturned... I guess it is pre-season for the refs too, but not sure what they saw to overturn it).

3Q 3:05 - Eagels 13-3: Jalen Parmele's drive. O-line opened some good holes and Jalen ran through them hard. Tyrod makes a rookie throw for a pick in the endzone. He needs to learn to throw that ball away. I did like seeing Tanden Doss with some good downfield blocking. The young recievers need to learn to come back to the ball as well. Doss might have been able to break up the pick if he comes back to the ball. Time for the D to get the ball right back.

End 3Q - Eagles 13-3: D had a chance to keep the field position, but let up a 3rd and long completion from the endzone. I think this is what you are going to get from a group of players all trying to make a big play and get noticed. They are not a cohesive as a unit.

4Q 11:30 - Eagles 13-3: Good D-line play. Good pass rush and tackling.

4Q 8:55 - Eagles 13-3: Another bad throw by Taylor. Lucky it was not picked inbounds. Ravens are going to need a Veteran backup QB. Too many rookie mistakes. Damien Berry and LaQuan Williams both had nice YAC receptions.

Final - Eagles 13-6: Good final drive. LaQuan Williams, the other Terp, looked good with a few catches. He looks to be a good YAC guy. Would have liked to finish off the drive in the endzone, but they made it interesting. Second half player observations: Kudos: Arthur Jones, LaQuan Williams, Tandon Doss. Demerits: Tyrod Taylor, O-Line 

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