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Posted on: April 10, 2009 10:18 am

Booing Mark Teixeira - An Explanation

 Recently, Orioles fans have been criticized by the media for their hostility toward the Yankees, Mark Teixeira. Let me explain why this criticism is unjust. First of all, I would not necessarily classify the booing as hostility. Players get booed all the time. Ask A-Roid about that. There was going to be booing of a Yankee player no matter what team Teixeira was on. Fans all over the country are going to let Rodriguez hear it raining down upon him once he is back on the field. So, why is that ok, but booing Teixeira is considered being 'hostile'?

Now let me explain the anger and frustration that the orioles fans feel toward Teixeira. The Orioles future is looking brighter with young talent reaching or close to reaching maturity. The players and fans alike feel that the frachise is headed in the right direction. Teixeira is a hometown star that everyone has enjoyed watching mature into one of the best players in the league. They've been anticipating the end of his contract for a few years hoping the Orioles will be in a position to bring him in. When that day arrives, the Orioles aggressively go after him. He could be the hometown star that leads the Orioles to the promised land. Then, the smack in the face... not only do the Orioles not get him, but he goes to the Evil Empire. Like a Jedi falling to the Dark Side, Teixeira has fallen Prey to the dollar sign and "promise of a championship" that is offered by the Yankees. Tell me what fan base would not revel in the opportunity to boo this player? The fact that he got off to a slow start and the Orioles won the first 2 games against the Evil Empire just fueled the fire. What the Orioles Fans did during the series against the Yankees is simply what fans do. They support their team (many times at the expense of the visiting team) and are passionate about it.

I, for one, am just happy to see Orioles fans passionate about their team again. Many thanks to Andy McPhail for steering the frachise back on course and restoring hope back into a proud franchise and tradition. Let's Go O's!

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